Rakuten Cash Back and Deals


Are you a savvy shopper who loves to save money? Imagine getting paid for every purchase you make online. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, with Rakuten, it’s possible! Rakuten is a popular cashback platform that allows you to earn money back on your online shopping. In this beginner’s guide, we will walk you through the ins and outs of Rakuten, how it works, and how you can make the most of this amazing cashback program.

Rakuten Cash Back and Deals

What is Rakuten?

Rakuten is a leading cashback website that partners with thousands of online retailers to offer its members cashback on their purchases. Founded in 1997, Rakuten has grown into one of the largest e-commerce platforms globally, connecting millions of shoppers with over 2,500 stores.

How Does Rakuten Work?

Getting started with Rakuten is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how it works:

  1. Sign Up: First, you need to create an account on the Rakuten website or app. Signing up is free and takes just a few minutes.
  2. Browse Stores: Once you’re logged in, explore the vast list of partner stores. Rakuten has partnered with popular retailers across various categories, including clothing, electronics, travel, and more.
  3. Activate Cashback: When you find a store you want to shop at, click on it to activate the cashback offer. This action tells Rakuten that you’re going to make a purchase, and they’ll track it accordingly.
  4. Shop as Usual: After activating the cashback, continue shopping on the retailer’s website as you normally would. You don’t need to use any specific links or coupon codes; Rakuten will take care of tracking your purchase.
  5. Earn Cashback: Once you complete your purchase, Rakuten will calculate the cashback percentage based on your total spending and add it to your account.

How Much Cashback Can You Earn?

The amount of cashback you earn varies depending on the retailer and the current promotions. Typically, cashback percentages can range from 1% to 10% or even higher for special events. Some stores may also offer fixed cashback amounts.

Keep in mind that different categories of products may have different cashback rates. For example, you might find higher cashback percentages on fashion and beauty items than on electronics or home appliances.

Getting Paid – How Does Rakuten Send Your Cashback?

Rakuten pays out your accumulated cashback every three months in the form of a “Big Fat Check” or through PayPal. The payment schedule is as follows: February 15th, May 15th, August 15th, and November 15th.

To receive your cashback, you must have accumulated at least $5.00 in rewards. If you haven’t reached the minimum threshold, don’t worry; your balance will roll over to the next payment period until you meet the requirement.

Rakuten Browser Extension – Never Miss Cashback Again

For an even more convenient shopping experience, consider installing the Rakuten browser extension. This extension is available for major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Once installed, the Rakuten browser extension will automatically notify you whenever you visit a partner store’s website. It will remind you to activate the cashback offer, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to earn cashback on your purchases.

Rakuten In-Store Cashback

While Rakuten is renowned for its online cashback offers, they also provide an exciting feature called “In-Store Cashback.” With this option, you can earn cashback when you shop in physical stores.

To use In-Store Cashback, link your credit or debit card to your Rakuten account. Then, browse the available In-Store Cashback deals on the website or app. Once you find an offer you like, simply activate it and use the linked card for your in-store purchase. Rakuten will then credit the cashback to your account.

Maximizing Your Cashback with Rakuten

To make the most out of Rakuten and unlock higher cashback rewards, consider these tips:

  1. Double-Dip with Credit Cards: Some credit cards offer their cashback rewards. By using a cashback credit card for your Rakuten purchases, you can earn both the credit card rewards and the Rakuten cashback.
  2. Combine with Coupons and Sales: Rakuten allows you to stack your cashback earnings with coupons and ongoing store promotions. This means you can save even more money on top of the cashback percentage.
  3. Refer Friends and Family: Rakuten has a referral program where you can earn extra cashback by inviting others to join the platform. Whenever someone signs up using your referral link and makes a qualifying purchase, you both get rewarded.
  4. Plan Major Purchases: If you’re considering a significant purchase, check Rakuten for cashback offers from relevant retailers. This way, you can earn cashback on substantial expenses like electronics or vacations.


Rakuten is a fantastic platform that offers a simple and effective way to earn money back on your online purchases. From its extensive list of partner stores to the ease of use with the browser extension and in-store cashback feature, Rakuten is a must-have tool for every savvy shopper.

With Rakuten, you can save money on things you were going to buy anyway, making it a win-win situation. So, the next time you shop online, make sure to use Rakuten and unlock cashback rewards on your purchases!


1. Is Rakuten really free to use?

Yes, absolutely! Signing up and using Rakuten is completely free. There are no membership fees or hidden charges.

2. Can I use Rakuten outside the United States?

Yes, Rakuten operates in several countries worldwide, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, and more.

3. How long does it take to receive my cashback?

Rakuten calculates and adds cashback to your account within a few days to a week after your purchase. The payout occurs every three months.

4. Can I use Rakuten on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, Rakuten has a user-friendly app available for both iOS and Android devices, making it convenient to earn cashback on the go.

5. Are there any restrictions on what I can buy to earn cashback?

As long as you shop at Rakuten’s partner stores through their platform, most purchases will be eligible for cashback. However, some items like gift cards or certain services may be excluded.

6. Can I earn cashback on in-store purchases at any retailer?

Not all retailers offer In-Store Cashback. You can check Rakuten’s website or app for a list of participating stores.

7. How long do I have to activate the cashback offer after clicking on a store?

It’s a good idea to activate the cashback offer immediately before making a purchase. While some offers may remain active for a longer period, it’s best not to risk missing out on your cashback.

8. Is my personal information safe with Rakuten?

Rakuten takes data security seriously and employs various measures to protect your personal information. Be assured that your data is handled with care and subject to their privacy policy.

Remember, the key to maximizing your savings with Rakuten is to use it consistently and in combination with other money-saving strategies. Happy cashback shopping!

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