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Are you on the hunt for top-quality wigs and hair bundles to elevate your style and confidence? Look no further than UNice, a trusted brand known for its premium hair products. Whether you’re a seasoned wig connoisseur or a beginner in the world of hair extensions, this ultimate guide will walk you through everything you need to know about buying UNice wigs and hair bundles.

From choosing the perfect style to caring for your investment, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and unlock the secrets to achieving your dream hair!

UNice Human Hair Store - Wigs & Bundles Shop Online

Introducing UNice

UNice is a leading online retailer specializing in premium human hair wigs and hair bundles. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, UNice offers a wide range of hair products, including lace front wigs, full lace wigs, hair weaves, closures, and frontals. They source their hair from reputable donors and use advanced technology to create products that mimic natural hair, providing versatility and durability.

Selecting the Perfect Wig Style

  1. Choosing the Right Wig Type: UNice offers various wig types, each with its unique features. Lace front wigs have a sheer lace panel at the front, allowing for a natural-looking hairline. Full lace wigs offer more versatility as they have a lace base all over, enabling different hairstyles. Consider your needs and preferences when selecting the right wig type.
  2. Hair Texture: UNice provides hair wigs with different textures, such as straight, body wave, curly, and kinky curly. Think about your desired look and how it complements your face shape and style.
  3. Hair Length: Decide on the ideal hair length that suits your taste. UNice offers wigs and hair bundles in various lengths, from short bob cuts to long, flowing tresses.
  4. Hair Color: Whether you prefer a natural hue or a vibrant shade, UNice offers an array of hair colors to choose from. Select a color that complements your skin tone and enhances your overall appearance.

Understanding Hair Bundles

  1. What Are Hair Bundles?: Hair bundles, also known as hair weaves, are bundles of hair that come with a double stitch to prevent shedding. They are an excellent option if you prefer to create custom wigs or extensions.
  2. Hair Length and Quantity: Hair bundles are typically available in different lengths, ranging from 8 inches to 30 inches. The number of bundles you’ll need depends on the desired fullness and length of your hairstyle.
  3. Hair Weave Textures: UNice offers a wide range of hair weave textures, including straight, body wave, loose wave, deep wave, and curly. Each texture has a unique look and styling potential.
  4. Hair Color Options: Just like wigs, hair bundles come in various colors to match your preferences and style.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

  1. Quality of Hair: UNice prides itself on providing high-quality human hair. Look for indicators of quality, such as virgin or Remy hair, which means the hair cuticles are intact and aligned.
  2. Hair Density: Hair density refers to the thickness of the hair on a wig. Consider your desired level of fullness and volume when choosing the density.
  3. Cap Size and Construction: If you’re buying a wig, ensure you select the right cap size to ensure a comfortable fit. Additionally, consider the cap construction, such as lace front or full lace, for the most natural-looking results.
  4. Customer Reviews: Reading customer reviews and testimonials can give you insights into the quality of UNice’s products and customer service.

How to Care for Your UNice Wigs and Hair Bundles

  1. Washing and Conditioning: Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to wash and condition your wigs and bundles. Gently detangle the hair before washing to prevent tangling.
  2. Styling: Use heat styling tools sparingly to avoid damaging the hair. When using heat, always apply a heat protectant.
  3. Storage: When not in use, store your wigs and bundles properly on wig stands or mannequin heads to maintain their shape and quality.
  4. Avoiding Chemicals: Minimize the use of harsh chemicals and styling products to prolong the lifespan of your wigs and bundles.

Ordering and Customer Support

  1. Ordering Process: Browse the UNice website and add your chosen products to the cart. Proceed to the checkout and follow the steps to place your order securely.
  2. Shipping and Delivery: UNice offers various shipping options, including express delivery. Check the estimated delivery times and choose the one that suits your needs.
  3. Customer Support: If you have any questions or concerns, UNice has a dedicated customer support team to assist you. Contact them through email, phone, or online chat.

UNice Return and Exchange Policy

  1. Return Policy: UNice has a return policy that allows customers to return eligible products within a specified timeframe. Be sure to check the specific conditions and requirements before initiating a return.
  2. Exchange Policy: In case you receive the wrong product or are unsatisfied with your purchase, UNice offers an exchange policy to help you find the right solution.


Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of the ultimate guide to buying UNice wigs and hair bundles. With the knowledge gained from this guide, you are well-equipped to make informed decisions and find the perfect hair products to suit your style and preferences. UNice offers a wide selection of top-quality wigs and hair bundles to enhance your beauty and confidence, so go ahead and explore the world of fabulous hairstyles with UNice!


1. Is UNice hair made from real human hair?

Yes, UNice hair products are made from 100% real human hair, ensuring a natural look and feel.

2. How long do UNice wigs and bundles last?

With proper care and maintenance, UNice wigs and hair bundles can last up to a year or more.

3. Can I dye UNice hair products?

Yes, UNice hair products can be dyed or colored. However, it’s essential to follow proper dyeing procedures to avoid damaging the hair.

4. Are UNice wigs and bundles suitable for all hair types?

Yes, UNice offers a variety of hair textures and styles suitable for all hair types, including straight, wavy, curly, and kinky.

5. Can I swim or shower with UNice wigs and bundles?

While it’s best to avoid swimming or showering while wearing wigs or bundles, you can take them off before such activities and store them safely.

6. Do UNice wigs come pre-styled?

UNice wigs may come pre-styled, but you can also style them according to your preferences using heat styling tools.

7. Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

UNice has a return and exchange policy for eligible products. If you’re not satisfied, you can contact their customer support for assistance.

8. How do I know my wig size?

To find your wig size, measure the circumference of your head with a flexible measuring tape from your forehead hairline, behind your ears, and around the back to the starting point. Consult the UNice size chart to select the appropriate size.

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